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New Wind UI in SkydiveSim

This is a tutorial about the new Wind UI and widgets for SkydiveSim.

The following is the auto generated closed captioning: here we are another tutorial on Skydive Sim I'm going to be going in through the non-vr this is available on Steam version what I want to talk about today is the wind UI we've gone through and even though it may look similar we've done a lot to it I'm going to turn the audio down here from the game that way I can be heard a little bit better so in the past this would go up to 25 miles per hour I know that's plenty into real world skydiving but we decided to go ahead and push the wind all the way to 40 miles per hour that's just because it's more fun it's a game and we can play around in it so I am going to go ahead and leave this at 30 here you can select the direction I'm gonna go ahead and pick West I like the Intermediate for my canopy and let's go to a real world drop zone I'm choosing the balloon here because it does drop you at the lowest which is about 7 000 feet in the air the other two options will take you much higher and of course base jumping is whatever the base is so going in here I'm going to go into third person view as you can see that Skydive San Diego under me if you notice to the top left of the screen we now have a wind speed and direction and that is the direction of where the pilot is facing so if I'm turning around it tells me what direction the wind is coming from so just gotta have San Diego device set up now right now I'm facing north so when this coming from the west and that's what you're seeing there as well I'm gonna go ahead and back off and jump into this by the way if you hit F while you're free flying into 2D mode you're going to sit flying and you can still do all the things you can do in belly I'm gonna go back and notice as I'm turning left I am facing west here and now the arrow is pointing more towards me all right turning back the other way and rest this to my left and the arrow is saying the wind is coming from the left side I'll go ahead and open up you can see how the wind kind of pushes the canopy to the right or east as it opens now if I go ahead and face towards West I can go ahead and take advantage of the wind and if I go into a full flare I'll start flying backwards and again this is just a fun little thing you can do this in the real world of course I don't think I would jump in 30 mile per hour wind I've done 28 miles per hour in the past but that was one time and I decided after I landed I would not do that again but here in the game it's kind of fun to do and uh VR version you also have that Arrow the wind and wind speed and the direction of print when you have the helmet option on which we have turned on by default that shows up in the headset so you can actually take advantage of that you can see I have a little bit of penetration into there into the wind with this canopy I think if you pick the beginner one you're definitely going to be going backwards even into the wind there's your setup a little bit differently this one can handle it and of course the advance can really cut through that wind so here I'm ahead of the target if I go ahead and flare I can slowly come backwards and try to hit my target here we go watching the altimeter and start going back a bit you can see it's kind of elevatoring down I'm gonna try to get the center of this thing using the wind oh I'm back a bit too far and there it is uh I ended up Landing a little bit further back than I wanted so real quick I'm gonna show you guys what I meant by the option for the helmet helmet is right here by default this is on now before we had it off but we went ahead and added that overlay into the helmet so you can always see the wind you see the wind speed and what direction is coming from and that's about it for this video thank you so much for watching catch you on the next one

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