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The Most Advanced Skydiving Simulator On the Market!


The most realistic Virtual Reality skydive simulator ever!

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SkydiveSim - Virtual Reaility Skydiving Simulator

Soaring to New Heights with SkydiveSim 2.0: A Leap into Virtual Skydiving Realism


"Since the inception of SkydiveSim (originally called CanopySim), the vision was clear. To create a virtual reality skydiving experience that can not only be entertaining but also help with some of the struggles skydivers may have. On my 65th jump, I sprained my ankle and was out of the sport for 6 weeks. When I got back I was afraid of landings and would usually PLF to avoid getting hurt again. It was at that time that I thought it would be great to have a VR experience that could help me get over this fear. Years later here we are with SkydiveSim's latest release pushing the boundaries of what is possible for entertainment and training."
Amir Valinia (Founder, CEO)


Cutaway and Reserve: A Game-Changer for Training
In the latest 2.0 version of SkydiveSim, we are thrilled to introduce the much-anticipated cutaway and reserve functionalities. Responding to the enthusiastic requests from the skydiving community, we've included these features to enhance the training and entertainment experience. Now, skydivers and enthusiasts can practice handling cutaways and deploying reserves in a relaxed virtual environment.
One of the most exciting upcoming features is the introduction of canopy malfunctions. This addition will be a game-changer for training, as students can now visualize and identify malfunctions in a controlled environment. By simulating canopy malfunctions, users can learn to stay calm and make the right decisions under the canopy, contributing to a safer and more prepared skydiving community.

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Virtual Skydiving

Virtual Reality skydiving is here! Skydive Sim offers free falling and Base Jumping as well. You’re not restricted to plane skydiving either. Jump from a helicopter, hot air balloon, or even base jump off a skyscraper or a windmill. Skydive Sim offers 9 unique environments modeled on real-world terrains with more on the way. Land on Liberty Island, in tropical environments, or fly through a city full of skyscrapers! Skydive Sim has actual custom environments with plenty of distinctive features to check out. Every jump will feel like a brand new experience.
"I searched for an existing true to life skydiving experience in VR and could not find anything that comes close to the real thing, so I decided to create it" Amir Valinia (Founder/CEO).

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