The most realistic Virtual Reality skydive simulator ever!

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Now available for Oculus Quest,  SkydiveSim!  Now you can play anywhere you like just using your Quest headset!

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SkydiveSim Virtual Reality Skydiving

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Virtual Skydiving

VR skydiving from your Oculus Quest is here! SkydiveSim brings the thrill of skydiving and BASE jumping to your Oculus Quest headset. SkydiveSim is the successor of CanopySim on Oculus Quest. Designed with emphasis on beautiful, exotic environments as well as incorporating real world physics of canopy flight.
This has been an ongoing development for a few years, to bring the most realistic physics of canopy flight into the virtual world.
"I searched for an existing true to life skydiving experience in VR and could not find anything that comes close to the real thing, so I decided to create it" Amir Valinia_Creator of SkydiveSim.

SkydiveSim Plane Night.png

Levels & Objectives

• Jump from a plane, helicopter, hot air balloon or BASE jump from a building ledge and other obstacles.

• Maneuver through rings as you free fall to your ground destination.

• Pull ripcord to activate your parachute.

• Jump into a stadium with thousands of screaming fans.
• Fly at night between exotic city buildings.
• Land on a secluded island or by the Statue of Liberty.
• Realistic physics of canopy flight based on real world physics.

CanopySim Free Fall Night.png


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