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New Canopy Physics is now available on Quest and Steam Versions.


The most realistic Virtual Reality skydive simulator ever!

Now Available for

Oculus Quest  |  Rift  |  Steam

You can now play without a VR headset using your PC's keyboard and mouse. (Only available on the Steam version.)

Experience the thrill of skydiving without ever leaving the house! Skydive Sim is the newest, most advanced skydiving simulator in the world, available on Oculus Quest, Rift, and Steam. It has highly realistic physics that make it the most exhilarating and accurate way to try out skydiving and other exciting aerial sports. If you’ve ever wanted to try skydiving but didn’t want to go through the financial and logistical hassles, this is the perfect simulator. And if you’re an experienced skydiver, Skydive Sim is amazing for those days you badly have to get your fix but you just don’t have time to get in the sky. Or even worse, you had a skydive planned but the weather had other ideas!

Now available for Oculus Quest,  SkydiveSim!  Now you can play anywhere you like just using your Quest headset!

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Virtual Skydiving

Virtual Reality skydiving is here! Skydive Sim offers free falling and Base Jumping as well. You’re not restricted to plane skydiving either. Jump from a helicopter, hot air balloon, or even base jump off a skyscraper or a windmill. Skydive Sim offers 9 unique environments modeled on real-world terrains with more on the way. Land on Liberty Island, in tropical environments, or fly through a city full of skyscrapers! Skydive Sim has actual custom environments with plenty of distinctive features to check out. Every jump will feel like a brand new experience.
"I searched for an existing true to life skydiving experience in VR and could not find anything that comes close to the real thing, so I decided to create it" Amir Valinia_Creator of SkydiveSim.

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SkydiveSim Proximity Flight

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SkydiveSim Tutorial

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Levels & Objectives

• Jump from a plane, helicopter, hot air balloon or BASE jump from a building ledge and other obstacles.

• Pull ripcord to activate your parachute.

• Jump into a stadium with thousands of screaming fans.
• Fly at night between exotic city buildings.
• Land on a secluded island or by the Statue of Liberty.
• Realistic physics of parachute flight based on real world physics.

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Spaceship on Alien Planet

Experience The Entire Skydive Virtually

  • Control of your environment goes beyond terrain selection. You can also customize wind speed and wind direction to see how calmer and more extreme weather conditions affect your dive. You can even jump at night for an added visual challenge. 

  • Control your fall rate while belly flying or sit flying. By changing your body position as you descend you can change the drag you create, thus controlling your speed and the rate at which you fall! With some practice, you can master this key skydiving skill.

  • Free falling is a ton of fun, but pulling the ripcord and gliding through the air with your parachute deployed is a blast in a whole different way. We’ve spent even more time crafting the physics for parachuting as for free falling to ensure Skydive Sim is the world’s most true-to-life skydiving simulator. In fact, you can choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced canopy flight presets.

  • Turns and flairs are also simulated carefully to match real-world behaviors. With these essential features combined, this is as close as you can get to the real deal! 

  • But there’s one key way that Skydive Sim is actually BETTER than real-life skydiving… you never have to wait! Just choose your jump type and get straight to the exciting part - taking that first step off the lift and flying through the air. And once you land, there’s no need to wait. You can be back in the air and ready for your next jump in a matter of seconds. 

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Multiplayer Virtual Skydiving

Now, you can jump with your friends. Small or larger groups are able to jump simultaneously and interact with each other. Skydive Sim is the first skydive simulator to offer multiplayer. 
We’re also expanding character and gear customization options so you can personalize your multiplayer experience. You’ll be able to customize your character, including skin color and hairstyle. You’ll also be able to choose your gender. A variety of canopies will be available to pick from, and you’ll even be able to customize your suit and parachute rig. 
Because observing other skydivers will be a major component of multiplayer, we’re going above and beyond to make the character models as realistic as possible.

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Why Skydive Sim

Skydiving is the most exciting but accessible extreme sport in the world. There is no more effective way to get your adrenaline pumping than to jump out at 14000 feet. Thankfully, it’s a surprisingly safe sport! But many people are unsure if skydiving is really for them. That’s one of the major benefits of Skydive Sim. For those who are interested in trying skydiving but aren’t sure what it might really be like, you can get pretty close to the actual experience by using our simulator. We’ve gone above and beyond to get even the small details right so that someone interested in skydiving for the first time can really understand what it will be like when they decide to embark on their skydiving journey. And for experienced skydivers, Skydive Sim is a ton of fun that allows them to get their skydiving fix from the living room!

Plus, whether you're skydiving in real life or virtually with Skydive Sim, skydiving is just plain ol’ good fun! People fall in love with skydiving for the feeling of ultimate freedom you gain flying and falling through the air. Most people say it doesn’t really feel like falling at all, but instead a joyous sensation of weightlessness. It’s a whole new way to move and experience your body in space. Now you can have that same amazing experience in your own living room.

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About Our Team

We’re a group of passionate skydivers and game developers. Over the past 3 years, we’ve learned more about virtual reality games than we thought possible, and we’ve continuously re-invested that knowledge in skill into Skydive Sim to make it the best simulator it can be. We also consult with some of the biggest names and leading experts in the skydiving industry to ensure we perfect every nuance of the skydiving and parachuting experience. Our primary focus in developing Skydive Sim is to create the most realistic virtual physics environment possible to accurately replicate the joys of skydiving for everyone. We want to share our passion with everyone that has an interest. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to experience the rush of skydiving for yourself - try Skydive Sim!

DISCLAIMER: Skydive Sim is a virtual reality game, not a skydiving training program. It was created purely for entertainment purposes. In no way is it intended to be a replacement for professional skydiving instruction and training.

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Contact us with any questions and support regarding the game and support.
DZ owners contact us regarding adding your DZ to SkydiveSim.

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