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Soaring to New Heights with SkydiveSim 2.0(Free Update): A Leap into Virtual Skydiving Realism

Since the inception of SkydiveSim (originally called CanopySim), the vision was clear. To create a virtual reality skydiving experience that can not only be entertaining but also help with some of the struggles skydivers may have. On my 65th jump, I sprained my ankle and was out of the sport for 6 weeks. When I got back I was afraid of landings and would usually PLF to avoid getting hurt again. It was at that time that I thought it would be great to have a VR experience that could help me get over this fear. Years later here we are with SkydiveSim's latest release pushing the boundaries of what is possible for entertainment and training.

Cutaway and Reserve: A Game-Changer for Training

In the latest 2.0 version of SkydiveSim, we are thrilled to introduce the much-anticipated cutaway and reserve functionalities. Responding to the enthusiastic requests from the skydiving community, we've included these features to enhance the training and entertainment experience. Now, skydivers and enthusiasts can practice handling cutaways and deploying reserves in a relaxed virtual environment.

One of the most exciting upcoming features is the introduction of canopy malfunctions. This addition will be a game-changer for training, as students can now visualize and identify malfunctions in a controlled environment. By simulating canopy malfunctions, users can learn to stay calm and make the right decisions under the canopy, contributing to a safer and more prepared skydiving community.

Advanced Hackie for Realistic Pulls

SkydiveSim 2.0 brings a new level of realism to the pull experience with the introduction of the advanced hackie. In our tests with experienced skydivers, we observed the natural tendency to bring the left hand forward during the pull. Leveraging this muscle memory, we aim to teach students stability during pull time. This attention to detail enhances the authenticity of the simulation, providing users with a more immersive and educational experience.

Fine-Tuned Canopy Physics for Expert Precision

Our commitment to realism extends to the physics of canopy flight. With feedback from expert canopy pilots and coaches, we have fine-tuned our canopy profiles. This meticulous adjustment ensures that the simulation mirrors the intricacies of real-life canopy flight, offering users an authentic and challenging experience.

Extended Canopy Opening Animation

SkydiveSim 2.0 takes the canopy opening experience to the next level with a longer and more natural animation and sound effects. This enhancement closely follows the movements of a real canopy opening in the air, pushing the boundaries of what virtual skydiving simulations can achieve. The extended animation adds an extra layer of immersion, making users feel like they're truly soaring through the skies.

BASE Jump Canopies: Faster Openings and More Realistic

Acknowledging the unique characteristics of BASE jumping, we have optimized the canopy profiles for faster openings. In the real world, BASE rigs open swiftly, and now SkydiveSim replicates this reality. This update allows users to take control faster after deploying their canopy, creating a more realistic and dynamic BASE jumping experience.

UI Enhancements for Seamless Navigation

Beyond the exhilarating in-air experiences, SkydiveSim 2.0 comes with UI enhancements. The user interface has been refined to provide a seamless and intuitive navigation experience. These enhancements ensure that users can easily access the features and settings they need, allowing for a more enjoyable and user-friendly simulation.

In conclusion, SkydiveSim 2.0 is not just a simulation; it's a leap forward in virtual skydiving realism. With cutaway and reserve functionalities, advanced hackie, fine-tuned canopy physics, extended animations, faster BASE jump openings, and improved user interface, this version is designed to provide an unparalleled experience for both seasoned skydivers and aspiring enthusiasts. Dive into the virtual skies with SkydiveSim 2.0 and elevate your skydiving journey to new heights!

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Hi Amir,

Been doing a lot of the tutorial to help learn the controllers better. I do pretty well with doing the rings with the hand movements but still have trouble with the rings with my hands raised after the pull. I'm getting better with it the more I do it I'm hoping to be able to get through all the rings before attempting a jump again. I think I figured out where I go wrong and why the rings seem to get away from me is that I am not keeping my core straight and seem to bend it with my arms which then puts me far away from the rings and not able to get back. Working in…

Replying to

Glad it’s getting easier for you. If you like we can setup a video call so I can see your hand position to see if I catch what is happening. It sounds like you are giving it too much input but can’t be sure without seeing you through it.

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