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New non VR version of SkydiveSim available only on Steam!

The following is auto subtitles from the video:

so here's our latest update for Skydive Sim as you can see this is for the steam version by the way the Oculus version does not do this but if you have it on Steam and you launch the game you now get an option to play in VR or non-vr this is because we had a lot of requests from different people saying please make a non-vr version so we went ahead and did that we have still the options menu I'm going to turn the game down a bit that way I can be heard better up over it

keep this actually in sound effects there and you have pretty much the same options as you have in VR you can still do multiplayer as well now I'm gonna go into Beach night actually I'm gonna go ahead and go to our real world DZ this is Skydive San Diego one of our first real world disease and we are definitely looking to have more once you're in a scene if you hit Escape or P for pause you'll pause the game and you actually see the PC controls that way you can get more familiar with them yeah it's pretty standard wasd Keys uh sit belly fly which we added it drops you down a lot faster it's I I enjoy playing with that and your turns left and right and canopy controls again A and D left and right and then if you hold both Down You're Gonna flare holding shift is going to give you more of a flare yeah so the reason for all of that is of course with a PC keyboard and mouse you we really don't have another way of inputting so that's why the mode you hold the more input you're gonna give it I can go left still we're using the hands here only in the animation because of our VR version and being limited to just uh hand controllers we are gonna add animations for the body and leg for this version eventually if I hit f I'll go into sit fly mode I can still go forward backwards left and right and I can still turn in this mode on the top left you see altimeter so you know how high you are I am pretty low and being a skydiver myself I like to be in belly position before I pull which is the Spaceport

and holding a button and as you can see the longer I hold it the more aggressive the turn gets

same thing going the other way and if I hold both of them down I'm flaring and I'll hold shift it's going to really give it an aggressive flare

this is a lot of fun to play around this particular environment I've jumped at Skydive San Diego before and it's really one of my favorite Drop Zones it's beautiful it's kind of like an oasis in the middle of the mountains


doing some Maneuvers here I might still be long I'm sure I am but nice thing about this is it's a game so I don't have to follow the pattern as much

oh you can still of course hit the ground too hard if you do low turns we did that so we don't build any bad habits level select let's try another one let's try helicopter and this one let's do you know Beach night is still one of my favorites

again if you hit C you're gonna get your third person view I do like the third person view for the non-vr version VR of course hands down you gotta be first person and you you really feel like you're there and if you notice we have different heights for each of them lifts that you jump from so balloon is lower and helicopter is about eight or nine thousand feet and airplane is 12 to 14 000 that is pretty standard next I have

again going into sit fly so we can go down through the Free Fall the nice thing about this is if you do multiplayer you could really catch up with your friends and do Free Fall With Friends of course doing this in VR you really really feel like you're flying with someone uh with with this non-vr version it's still a lot of fun because you do have the ability to slow down and speed up so you can actually fly with somebody and do the Free Fall portion of the jump from them again being a skydiver I have to F to go back into belly before I pull and now in real life I don't pull this low but it is a game you see the targets that are out on the water those are special Landing areas you get uh I believe it's a thousand points bonus if you land in one of those but of course if you end up in the water you get nothing

and we have the main target that's right there by the lighthouse on the bottom that one you don't get a bonus but you do get a score if you land in there well in the center or close enough to it

I'm gonna try and just land on the target in VR I'm able to get those Targets on the outside underwater it's just a lot harder to do in non-vr because the depth perception on it flat TV screen or a computer screen is just not as easy to do but the altimeter definitely helps and also I can cheat a bit flare hard and make it happen

I know it's not the center but here I am I've got a score of 8 16 no bonus because I didn't land on one of those specialty ones and it also tells you nine feet away from the center of the target so pretty fun for that if you want to walk around after you land you can definitely walk around if you want to get rid of the screen the end screen you can hit Escape and then you can just explore as much as you like using the mouse to look around and using wasd to walk around and then when you're ready to get out of the scene just hit escape again you'll get the level select or you can replay and you can get out of the scene

so hope this helps this is just the introduction to our non-vr version we have a lot of scenes in there we also have base jump seams in there actually you know I'm gonna show you one of the base jumping scenes here I think the bridge is a good example Wind Farm is one of my favorites too let's try this one


and I am actually gonna hit C to get out of this mode

and show you around a bit so if you have the bridge you have the crane that you end up on top of before the jump and I'd like to just jump right off you can take to your time a little bit by before pulling

and I'm gonna try to go for that Target out there if I can make it it looks like it's actually going to be way too far make

and again I cheated and just held the A and B button

you can go in the Water by the way so

you can go under the water look around and back up

and if you're doing multiplayer you can watch your friends jump from the top and join you down at the bottom

so this is it for now just a little bit of showing again of for the non-vr version I highly recommend playing this in VR if you can it's a lot more um it's a lot more immersive all right I'll be putting more videos out as we go thanks for watching it

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