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SkydiveSim Enhanced Multiplayer Experience: An Easy Guide to Connecting and Playing Together

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

SkydiveSim Multiplayer Skydive Simulator
SkydiveSim Multiplayer Skydive Simulator


Multiplayer in SkydiveSim has come a long way, and with the latest update, connecting and playing with friends or joining other players has never been easier. In this blog post, we will explore the revamped multiplayer feature in SkydiveSim that simplifies the process of finding and joining others in the game. Whether you're hosting or joining others, this new system ensures a seamless and enjoyable multiplayer experience. So let's dive in and explore the features that make SkydiveSim multiplayer a breeze!

Discovering and Joining Games:

In the latest update, finding and joining other players is a breeze. Once you activate the multiplayer mode, a drop-down menu appears, presenting you with options for public and private rooms. The only distinction between them is that private rooms require a password for entry. By selecting a private room, you can enter the password and join the game hosted by your friends or a specific group of players. On the other hand, public rooms are accessible without any password requirement.

Choosing Game Preferences:

When joining a multiplayer room, you no longer need to worry about selecting specific game parameters like the type of lift or the scene. The host of the game decides these details, making it hassle-free for you. Whether it's a helicopter, airplane, balloon, or base jumping, you can simply choose the host's option and be ready to jump into the action. There's no need to navigate back to the main menu; a simple click on "Go" and you're all set to embark on your skydiving adventure.

Seamless Integration with VR and non VR:

In the VR version, you'll be provided with a virtual keyboard to input your preferences and interact with the game environment. The intuitive design ensures that VR players and non VR players, have an equally immersive experience, allowing them to connect and enjoy the multiplayer features seamlessly.

Dynamic Wind Speed and Direction:

A noteworthy feature of this multiplayer update is the host's control over the wind speed and direction. Regardless of your personal settings, when joining a room, you will automatically receive wind information from the host. This consistency ensures that everyone experiences the game in the same way, maintaining fairness and competition. The multiplayer update ensures that individual variations do not affect the overall gameplay.

Hosting Your Own Game:

If you're eager to be the host, the process is just as simple. By switching to the hosting mode, you can create a room of your own. Public rooms allow anyone to join without a password, while private rooms require a specific password shared only with your friends. You have the freedom to name your room, set the wind speed and direction, and select the scene that suits your preferences. Once you've made your choices, a single click on "Go" takes you directly into the game.

Teaching and Learning Experience:

In addition to enhancing the gaming experience, the improved multiplayer functionality offers significant benefits beyond pure entertainment. One such advantage is its potential as a valuable tool for instructors and students in previsualizing skydives before even entering the airplane. By hosting private multiplayer rooms, instructors can create virtual scenarios that mimic real-world skydiving conditions, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the environment, practice formations, and understand the dynamics of their jumps.

With the ability to set wind speed, wind direction, and scene preferences, instructors can replicate specific skydiving locations, giving students a chance to mentally prepare for the challenges they may encounter. This previsualization aspect can significantly boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve overall performance during actual jumps. Students can discuss strategies, plan formations, and communicate with their instructors and fellow skydivers within the multiplayer environment, fostering collaboration and teamwork.

By leveraging the multiplayer feature, instructors can offer an immersive and interactive learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom instruction. It enables students to develop critical decision-making skills, adapt to changing conditions, and refine their techniques in a safe virtual environment. Moreover, the ability to join public rooms and interact with experienced skydivers from around the world opens up opportunities for students to learn from seasoned professionals, exchange knowledge, and gain insights from different perspectives.

The multiplayer functionality not only serves as a platform for thrilling gameplay but also revolutionizes the way skydiving education is approached. By combining virtual previsualization with real-world training, students can enter the airplane with a clearer understanding of the dive, leading to more efficient learning and a higher level of preparedness. Ultimately, the multiplayer feature becomes a powerful tool for instructors to enhance the educational process, providing a safe and immersive platform for students to refine their skills and gain confidence in their skydiving endeavors.


The revamped multiplayer feature is a game-changer, making it easier than ever to connect with friends and join other players in exciting adventures. Whether you're hosting or joining a game, the streamlined process ensures a seamless experience. With simplified room selection, adjustable game preferences, and integrated VR compatibility, players of all types can enjoy multiplayer gaming at its finest. So gather your friends, set up a private room, and embark on unforgettable virtual skydiving around the world. Get ready to have an incredible time, leaving no room for technical hurdles or complicated setups.

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